Hornborga Classic Car has since the late 70s, under the name Self System AB, supplied software and mechanical solutions in telecommunications and the car restoration industry. Our growing Telecommunications section are now days moved to another company.

Initially, the company focused on products and services for hospitals so high quality has always been our main goal and this is important in car restoration. Our historical car restorations has increased and our customers are well-known car collectors and museums all around Europe.

We are offering extremely high quality restoration work on
Aston Martin
Rolls Royce and Bentley

Example of our restoration partners:
Martin Robey
RS Panels

Kent Sävåsen

We have a stock of old nice parts


We have a lot of old parts to jaguar E-Type, Lamborghini both Miura, Jarama and Rolls Royce manly Ghost, new phantom and Phantom II
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Restoration to perfectionism and attention to detail
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Safe and secure transport of your car around the Europe

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