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The jaguar Engine has been fired up,

Everything went as planned and we are pleased by the engine parts that we bought from Rob Bear Racing in England. The engine gives 434 NM in torque and plus 50 HP from its original.

Please find pictures and links to Youtube on project

We are aften hired to transport cars to

The E-type body
The E-type engine test

Kent Sävåsen
One of five Aston Martin DBS V8, 1971 to be restored/overhauled in our workshop.

The car is in a good shape but the normal problem on the underside of the front wings need attention. We will handle the front wings and make a complete overhaul of the car. Overhaul in our workshop is due to attention to detail. The car only have covered 92 230 km and is in a really nice original condition (interior, paint and so on). The engine is the nice 375 HP type.

It’s not often that you will find a DBS V8 in this condition.

The DBS V8 is supposed to increase its value by around 20% per year and it’s not often that you will find a nice investment that also brings so much joy.

The car is for sale POA

Please find pictures in projects

Kent Sävåsen
Lamborghini Jarama 1971
The car is really bad, can it be saved. Well some things are talking fore: early Jarama with GT spec, knock of wheels and almost complete, against well, rust, rust, rust and we don’t know the status for the engine and transmition. Interested? Just go to Projects and click at Lamborghini Jarama.

Kent Sävåsen
Here are some pictures on the Lamborghini Aventador that we handled in Sweden and Norway. What a car 0-200 km/h in less then 10 seconds.

Kent Sävåsen
We are now restoring a Jaguar E-type for a Swedish customer. The car is going to have wide body and race specifications. The restoration is to mint condition
The Black Rolls Royce from the movie "The Yellow Rolls Royce" is sold to Italy
The black Rolls Royce from the movie “The Yellow Rolls Royce” is nearly finished. The car will be sold around the month of May
We now are developing a complete electrical systems for older Aston Martin cars. First electricity system is for the Aston Martin Lagonda.
2010 July
Aston Martin Lagonda in 1980, the car has burned and is now going to be restored to mint condition
Complete engine overhaul and a minor restoration of the steel body. The engine is a work of art in itself, drive about 30 km in 4 gear and full throttle. Acceleration is wonderful even on really low revs.

Engine renovation was extensive with the new liners, pistons, bearings, etc

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