Lagonda 1981 - SOLD

This is fun, in October 12, 1976 Aston Martin launched a brand new car, the AM Lagonda. The problem was the complex electricity and wiring system.

The car we have is from 1981 and was damage in a fire in 1982. The car only had 5 000 miles on the speedo. I now have spent some time on the electrical system and is not the least surprised that a lot of these cars just simply burned up.

The car is now total disassembled. We started the engine in January 2011. The engine now works extremely well and the brake bench gave the right HP regarding to specification.

We now supply new rewiring kit and a kit to replace the engine to Chevy BB.
Note This car will have its original engine due to its low millage.

The Car has been Sold.

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